Supersize your productivity with Memz One

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Memz One is a Hierarchical Notepad, Outliner, Personal Organiser, Password Manager and Rich Text Editor.
In short - Ultimate Productivity Tool.

How is it different?

What differs Memz One from majority of similar tools is first-class hierarchy support. It simplifies not only creation of hierarchical notes but also maintaining them, moving from one level to another.

Boost your productivity

  • Whether you are on the go or in the office, capture your ideas, tasks or requirements with ease and elegance
  • Develop captured notes into project
  • Split projects into actionable tasks
  • Track your progress
  • Build knowledge base, customer database or inventory
  • Get things done!

Main features

  • Real-time sync
  • Unlimited Hierarchy / Tree Structure support
  • Rich Text support
  • AES 256 bit encryption to protect your information
  • Easy to use
  • Multiplatform - works on most devices
  • Easy import and export

Built-in rich text processing engine support many features like

  • Bullet lists
  • Headers
  • Paragraphs
  • Links
  • Bold, italic, linethrough, underlined, marked and code text
  • Code blocks
  • Block quotes
  • Tables and more
  • Simple and easy to use Markdown syntax

Have you ever struggled trying to organize and outline your notes, ideas and projects, give them proper structure using conventional notes application?
Have you ever wished you could organize and outline your notes, ideas and projects the way you organize files and folders on your computer?
If you have, suffer no longer. Memz One is the outliner app you were looking for.

Our users

  • Businessmen
  • Project managers
  • Priests
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Writers
  • Scientists

With Memz One your note taking & information management needs will be met, both now and well into the future! Download Memz One today!